As a non working expat spouse you travel around the globe with your partners job as a GPS. With every new posting you probably feel like being dropped on an empty sheet of paper, being exactly what it is; empty.

No family, no friends, no ‘knowing your way around’. You probably don’t even know where to get yourself a pail or other silly household item, necessary to get yourself settled in. Although the emptiness of the sheet might feel like a threat at first,……


A nationality comes with culture, but being part of that nationality does not necessarily come with cultural awareness.

My Japanese friend J. was born and raised in Japan. After graduation she met her Japanese boyfriend, got married and for his job they moved to the Philippines. As a non-working expat spouse, she lived the expat life, met lots of people from interesting cultures, got pregnant and delivered two beautiful children. After living in the Philippines for four years, the family moved to Malaysia for a new posting. Again they enjoyed their new host-country, got acquainted to lots of different cultures and as the children grew older, they too made friends with children from all over the world. What a rich life they lead……