As a non working expat spouse you travel around the globe with your partners job as a GPS. With every new posting you probably feel like being dropped on an empty sheet of paper, being exactly what it is; empty.

No family, no friends, no ‘knowing your way around’. You probably don’t even know where to get yourself a pail or other silly household item, necessary to get yourself settled in.Although the emptiness of the sheet might feel like a threat at first, staring at you, reflecting the light that shines on it and blinding you. Questioning you where to put the first word, the first step, the first goal you set yourself. But that empty sheet, the not knowing anybody in your new host country you will live in for the next few years, as long as your beloved hubby’s assignment will last, that emptiness offers opportunities as well. To get to that point where opportunities start. Where you take your pencil and write the first sentence to put yourself in action. To get there you might want some help.

I know how it feels like. I’ve been there myself. At that point where an empty sheet feels so overwhelming you feel like there’s no space to write on. Let me help you to take the first step. To write down your first sentence.